Through the Years

"Mozartiana", "Rubies", "La Valse"
New York City Ballet
David H. Koch Theater
Lincoln Center
New York, New York
February 5, 2022, evening

by Mary Cargill
copyright © 2022 by Mary Cargill


City Ballet's all Balanchine program spanning 30 years, from the 1951 "La Valse" to the 1981 "Mozartiana" included snapshots of some of Balanchine's most distinctive ballerinas, Tanaquil Le Clercq ("La Valse"), Patricia McBride ("Rubies"), and Suzanne Farrell ("Mozartiana").  The current dancers, so different from the originals, need to both copy the steps and go beyond them to create their unique interpretations.  It is a challenge, but fascinating to watch.

Mira Nadon and NYCB dancers in "Rubies" photo © Erin Baiano.


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