Miami at the Pillow

“Diversion of Angels,” “Geta,” “Antique Epigraphs,” “Serenade”
Miami City Ballet
Ted Shawn Theater, Jacob’s Pillow
Beckett, MA
August 24 - 28, 2022

by Gay Morris
copyright © 2022 by Gay Morris

1 SerenadeSince its founding in 1985, Miami City Ballet has had close connections with New York City Ballet and George Balanchine. The company’s technique and style are modeled on Balanchine’s teachings, while its first artistic director, Edward Villella, and its current one, Lourdes Lopez, were principal dancers with the New York company when Balanchine headed it. Those links were much on display in Miami City Ballet performances at Jacob’s Pillow last week. The company brought a program that included works by Martha Graham, Jerome Robbins and Margarita Armas.

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